Politically Speaking

I thought about entering the political spectrum for a while. Well, maybe that thought got even more fueled during the Obama mania (yes I read “Audacity of Hope,” I’ll have a review of that soon). After Obama was elected and seeing history before my eyes, I too wanted to further contribute to society through public service.

I started small, volunteering as an intern at my local district supervisor’s office once or twice a week. It helped me learn that I wouldn’t do well in weekly committee meetings, meeting with companies and organizations out for their own benefit, tedious tasks of reading and summarizing ridiculous reports on how a department over spent and now needs MORE money to cover themselves (FYI, I’m not a fan of the SFMTA).

I guess that its probably the fact that I’m more of a people person rather then a meeting person. I mean, I’ll meet if I have too but weekly for three different committees going on for hours at a time, no! When does one see their constituents, partake in their fruits of labor or actually get anything done? No wonder it takes months if not years for a bill to pass and the bureaucracy behind it all, my God! I’d just die if I had to sit through a minute of it without calling out the bullshit!

Maybe I’m too loud, aggressive, assertive and have too much concern for the people that being a public servant might not necessarily be my calling. I’m not ruling out one day running for political office, I’m just speaking of my short inside look at things in San Francisco City Hall. Things could be done more effectively, with less cost, to better serve the people. That could start with our local governments.