Ramadan Statuses

So almost every day throughout Ramadan this year, I put a daily status on Facebook & Twitter. It got pretty popular amongst friends and readers that I couldn’t resist putting them all in one place… I think I started some type of virtual tradition! 🙂

Ramadan Day 2: About to cook an Italian Fest for Iftar. Shall I blog about my recipes & pull a “Julie & Julia”? I badly wanna see that movie, who’s w/me?

Ramadan Day 3: Migraine, allergies & crankiness! I’m blessed that tonight I’ll eat, take meds & laugh my heart out for no apparent reason… Alhamdulillah!

Ramadan Day 4: my attempt at beef masala… so far so good

Ramadan Day 5: trying to have a positive productive day… w/out the caffeine!

Ramadan Day 6: all work and very little play… very little…

Ramadan Day 7: What an amazing first wk of Ramadan… had iftar each night w/family. Next wk will be tough w/night classes & lonely iftars yet knowing it’ll take me places will make it worth while for many Ramadans to come!

Ramadan Day 8: Its going to be a long & hot day!

Ramadan Day 10: To tired to get off the couch & go to bed… That’s how tiring my day was!

Ramadan Day 11: shopping while fasting is the worst… not sure how I made it outta there w/out buying any junk food!

Ramadan Day 12: there should be a common law that one doesn’t take blessings for granted, forget memories of good people and to laugh even when one feels like crying.

Ramadan Day 13: “No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick. (If you agree, please post this as your status for the rest of the day.)”

Ramadan Day 14: finishing a blog on the current unemployment rate just in time for labor day… let’s take a moment to give thanks for our blessings and another moment to pass on a simple blessing to someone else…

Ramadan Day 15: Not feeling so good… but we are half way there and before we know it, we’ll be celebrating Eid!

Ramadan Day 16: long but good day with good company 🙂

Ramadan Day 17: Finished most of my hw, getting caught up on some work in this beautiful SF day… What’s for Iftar today?!

Ramadan Day 19: Might have to fast after Ramadan after all that talk of stuff in our foods… Thank God I don’t drink soda with all that frog residue! gross!!

Ramadan Day 20: 10 days of worship amongst family & friends… may God accept our kneels and our fasts, Ameen…

Ramadan Day 21: “an eye for an eye makes everyone blind”… death of 3,000 on 9/11 is sad… death of 100s of 1,000s of civilians & soldiers in response is tragic…

Ramadan Day 22: the night is still young but Ramadan is leaving so fast! 😦

Ramadan Day 24: Had a fun and memorable Ramadan weekend… 30 days for Ramadan sometimes isn’t enough…

Ramadan Day 25: Already making Eid plans… sad and exciting all at the same time!

Ramadan Day 26: I believe everyday is a good day, but days like these are blessed days… may your last days of Ramadan be a true blessing…

Ramadan Day 27: the Night of Power, better then a 1,000 months, is believed to be on this night… may Allah accept your fast and prayers on this holiest of nights Insha’Allah…

Ramadan Day 28: Time for reflection on what you can take from the self purification experience of Ramadan… God give us the strength to continue with our self purification, prayers and charity participation…

Ramadan Day 29: Farewell Ramadan, it has been a blessing that I’ll miss until next year… Hello Eid, the blessed time for reflection, celebration, joy and charity! …talk about mixed emotions!

Eid Posts: Eid prayers taking place at Cathedral Hill Hotel in SF…. Simply beautiful! Blessed Eid everyone! 🙂

having some tea with milk & cookies while working on a paper due today… HAPPY EID!