W.I.S.S. – Introduction

W.I.S.S., short for “Why I‘m Still Single,” is a new rant series by yours truly. This series will discuss how being a Muslim Arab American lady can be made more difficult then it should be when being single and unmarried at the age of 28 is constantly a topic of great debate!

I personally feel I know what I want and refuse to take anything less. Others almost always beg to differ. Everything written here is true, you seriously can’t make these things up! Here’s is an interesting conversation I had recently with a random lady I’ve meet maybe twice in my life to help start this series off…

Lady: You’re getting a second masters?

Me: Yes Ma’am.

Lady: Oh my God, you need to stop going to college!

Me: Why?

Lady: Because you’ll never find a husband!

Me: Really?

Lady: Yes, men don’t want their wives to be smarter then them.

Me: Funny, I don’t want a dumb husband. My plan is working after all.

Lady: huh?

…and that’s Why I’m Still Single!

9 thoughts on “W.I.S.S. – Introduction

  1. Really? When *is* a Muslim woman supposed to get married. Even in America, there is a bit of that here. I have had people wonder why I dont have at least one kid by now. Its like….. you mean, life cant be diverse enough to allow for a DIFFERENT experience? Geez.


  2. MsHala and webmistressK,
    you both bring out a good point. Marriage should not be a “supposed-to-be” thing. But i’d rather focus on the root premise of the post. The lady’s comment “men don’t want their wives to be smarter than them”. I modestly think what’s important is the compatibiliy factor: it’s better that the two that are considering each other be on some kind of similar footing from an educational and intellectual standpoint. If both aren’t, there’s going to be problems there, no matter if it’s the girl or boy that is higher up on the educational stature. And “men (who) don’t want their wives to be smarter than them” are more likely incompatible. And besides, if the idea of marriage is going to turn into a contest of intelligence, then the purpose of marriage is lost upon the lady being mentioned in the story. After all, there are muslim males who appreciate the intelligence and educational aspirations of their female counterparts, just like there are those muslim males that appreciate the simpler qualities.


    1. The funny part about conversations on that topic is that I’ve almost always had them with the ladies and probably once with a man. Thanks for your input! 🙂


  3. It is good point to mention here Hala, but I can say that not all men are alike.

    I am by myself a man and I prefer her to have a higher educational degree like masters or PHD which will make me interested in her more than normal degrees holders.

    And I will be extrememly proud that I am the husband of this woman who was able to get what I can’t get or hard for me to get.

    The life would be more easy and happily with a woman has higher educaion and the man is happy for her cause the harmony will reveal here.

    But if the marriage life turned to contest or a competetion it will ends with no satisfied outcomes.


    1. I absolutely agree Mohammed! One who truly loves and cares for the other will be proud of their accomplishments rather then compete with them. Life is not a competition but a journey to be enjoyed… Thanks for your input! 🙂


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