It’s Low Occupancy for a Reason!

I just came across the post on The Richmond District of San Francisco blog, Presidio’s Saturday celebration to bring much needed marketing for the low occupancy Presidio Landmark.

I got excited then extremely disappointed!

I would like to get a decent sized livable space for my father who is on disability and limited income. After working for over 40 years and paying his due taxes, he currently rents an overpriced tiny studio in the city. I see this post and get excited, I can finally help my father move to at least a one bedroom where he can have some space for his kids to come visit and help care for him.

However, this isn’t luxury, this is insane! At a renting rate starting at $2,125, not only is it not affordable to many, it would most likely take more then a family of four to chip in to pay THE RENT! Might as well purchase your first home… most likely outside the city where there’s no accessible transportation, friends or family nearby.

I love San Francisco and continue to live in it with the knowledge that it can be expensive at times. However, this is just ridiculous… even for an expensive city like San Francisco.


The Richmond District of San Francisco –