UNCONFIRMED: Documents of Mubarak’s Private Assets

UNCONFIRMED: Documents of Mubarak’s Private Assets
غير مؤكدة : وثائق من الأرصده الخاصة مبارك
By: Ms. Hala


The following documents below showcase some of Mubarak’s private gold assets! I received this through Twitter thus I will leave the individuals name anonymous for now. These have not been confirmed but none the less very relevant to be shared. Please repost this as to showcase to the world how a dictator allowed a nation to be proverty striken while he increased his wealth with over 30 years of various aid from around the world, including an annual $1.3 billion in “aide” from the United States… thank about it!!

If you have any form of confirmation or other documents you feel needs to be posted, please comment or email me!


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