Jackson, Missy & Adele are BACK!

Good music seems to have come back this winter thanks to three music legends releasing some kick ass singles and albums. Thank GOD for Jackson, Missy & Adele’s return to the music scene that was just not happening for me.

Pop Queen is Burning It Up!

The pop queen that is Janet Jackson is back with a “burning” track off her new album, Unbreakable. I’m going through it slowly because I don’t want it to end but my favorite track off the album right now is BurnItUp!. I want to say it’s just the beat but can’t deny that her collaboration with Missy Elliot is just perfection! Can’t wait to see the Rhythm Nation queen put out a fun dance video for this track, maybe even a dance collage from her successful tour happening right now.

Missy Bringing it Back!

Speaking of which, who isn’t happy as hell the hip hop legend Missy Elliot is back? Finally some good beats to bring back the good hip hop music of the 90s! Even the music video for WTF (Where They From) is true to her fantastic and unique style. From the dance moves to the glass outfit (that left her bloodied!) to that hot blue makeup, Missy is back and on point, LOVE IT! I just simply can’t wait for her to release an album already, like WTF!

Totally Worth the Wait!

Can’t end this rant without mentioning the young legend that is Adele! She has finally released a fantastic album, 25, and announced a Europe tour which I’m very tempted to fly out for! Again, going through the album slowly because I don’t want it to end. However, right now I’m loving Water Under The Bridge, it’s just catchy despite it being a breakup song. I hope she makes a music video for this track as classic as her previous ones.

There ya have it peeps, my favorite winter tracks out at the moment. What’s your favorite track this winter?