About Ms. Hala


I’m Ms. Hala, the ranting blogger.

I’m always hungry. I’m a road warrior. I’m a cultured aesthete. I’m a TV binger. I tweet a lot. I instagram often. I pinterest a plenty.

A native of the great city of San Francisco, California with roots along the Nile River, I was raised in a multi-cultural family oriented home and surrounded by beautiful people.

After getting my MBA with a focus in International Business, I needed to go global. Thus in the summer of 2012, I up and moved to the beautiful State of Qatar as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

After five years of exploring the challenges and ranting on my adventures across the region, I repatriated back home to San Francisco. Now with COVID, I’m trying to plan my next adventure, eating my way through my hometown, and getting on my family’s last nerves.

That’s my rants, for now. Until next time, stay well and in peace.

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