Delicious Ramadan Eats from Around the World

Journey around the globe to discover some of the delicious dishes served up during the holy month of Ramadan!

No Longer Living the Confused Expatriate Life?

Here's a bit of a long read on what I experienced during my moving process, which I hope you find helpful.

Did You Know These Cool Facts About Qatar?

May God continue to bless and protect this beautiful nation and it's inhabitants... Ameen! Happy National Day Qatar!! Did You Know These Cool Facts About Qatar?By: Ms. Hala for ILoveQatarOriginally Published: 17 December 2017Publication Source: Happy Qatar National Day! Wishing everyone in Qatar a wonderful and celebratory weekend. After all that Qatar has been…

A Tourist in My Hometown

A Tourist in My Hometown, Repatriating Ain't EasyBy: Ms. HalaShorter Version Originally Published: March 2018Publication Source: That feeling when you realize repatriating ain't easy. Not close to how easy I thought it would be at least. Then again, neither was my first year as an expatriate when I first moved to Qatar back in 2012.…

What I’ve Learned Living the Confused Expatriate Life

A series finale to my confused expatriate life if you will.