Living the Confused Expatriate Life

As many of you know, I relocated from San Francisco, CA to Doha, Qatar in the summer of 2012. I have been in Qatar for over a year and a half three four years now, my how things have changed for me. I’ve seen, I’ve conquered and grown immensely! OK, as a person, mind you, I’m still barely 5 feet tall. I’m continuously learning about my surroundings, the once new environment now growing on me, still meeting people from all walks of life and enjoying the amazing Qatari culture. My life here is different than my life back in the states, but that’s all part of the adventures! ðŸ˜‰

One thing I did want to mention is how I truly appreciate Qatar’s cultural value of zakat (charity). There are so many multiple charitable organizations here that are all successful in their own respective areas it’s unbelievable. You can’t go anywhere without finding some type of charity organization office or even a donation box where you can make your contribution. No matter how big or small, all is accepted and appreciated, Masha’Allah!

I post short updates via Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag  #InLivingQatar  #MyExpatLife, which should lead readers to my many posts, including the rant series, Living The Confused Expatriate Life.

I’ve taken many pictures, most can be found on Instagram. Below is one of the first photos I took back in the summer of 2012, known as “elmabkhara” or incense burner in front of the majestic “Diwan ElAmiri”, the Prince’s Palace. #NoFilter

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