Picture of the Day

On this blessed Friday, I ask that God grant you and yours the faith, calm, peace and serenity to get through this uncertain and hectic chaos of our world right now.

It's been seven years since I observed and celebrated a full month of Ramadan back home in San Francisco. I plan to break fast with my family, kneel in worship with my friends and try to find peace within myself. May this Ramadan find you breaking fast with family, worshipping with friends and finding peace…


  As I lay to rest, I think of my family on the other side of the world waking up. I think of his family, their grief, their sorrow, their pain. Why have we allowed a vicious cycle to continue? Why have we not learned anything from history? Violence begets violence. Injustice begets injustice. Anger begets…

Pictures of the Day [Graphic]

Praying for the resilient people of Boston and the international community that came to run in unity and will come in unity through this.

Picture of the Day

"This picture was taken during Representative Wexler's (pro) Israel, anti-Iran speech, I stood up & waived a peace sign & yelled we want peace now. Received lots of love from fellow Democrats" -My friend and community member, Basim Elkarra