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W.I.S.S. – Introduction

W.I.S.S., short for “Why I‘m Still Single,” is a new rant series by yours truly. This series will discuss how being a Muslim Arab American lady can be made more difficult then it should be when being single and unmarried at the age of 28 is constantly a topic of great debate!

I personally feel I know what I want and refuse to take anything less. Others almost always beg to differ. Everything written here is true, you seriously can’t make these things up! Here’s is an interesting conversation I had recently with a random lady I’ve meet maybe twice in my life to help start this series off…

Lady: You’re getting a second masters?

Me: Yes Ma’am.

Lady: Oh my God, you need to stop going to college!

Me: Why?

Lady: Because you’ll never find a husband!

Me: Really?

Lady: Yes, men don’t want their wives to be smarter then them.

Me: Funny, I don’t want a dumb husband. My plan is working after all.

Lady: huh?

…and that’s Why I’m Still Single!