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W.I.S.S. – 13 Arab Men You Should Never Date

I thought this post by KABOBfest was hilarious as in many cases, it’s so true! I’ve encountered every single type of Arab man depicted here but my favorites will always be number 9 and number 10! Enjoy! 🙂

13 Arab Men You Should Never Date – KABOBfest

W.I.S.S. – Introduction

W.I.S.S., short for “Why I‘m Still Single,” is a new rant series by yours truly. This series will discuss how being a Muslim Arab American lady can be made more difficult then it should be when being single and unmarried at the age of 28 is constantly a topic of great debate!

I personally feel I know what I want and refuse to take anything less. Others almost always beg to differ. Everything written here is true, you seriously can’t make these things up! Here’s is an interesting conversation I had recently with a random lady I’ve meet maybe twice in my life to help start this series off…

Lady: You’re getting a second masters?

Me: Yes Ma’am.

Lady: Oh my God, you need to stop going to college!

Me: Why?

Lady: Because you’ll never find a husband!

Me: Really?

Lady: Yes, men don’t want their wives to be smarter then them.

Me: Funny, I don’t want a dumb husband. My plan is working after all.

Lady: huh?

…and that’s Why I’m Still Single!