#WISS or “Why I‘m Still Single,” is a rant series on my own personal experiences -along with some relevant articles- as a single and unmarried lady. It can be a bit more difficult when being single and unmarried at the age of 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 is a constant topic of great debate.

Now that I’ve moved to Qatar, this topic has only gotten so much more interesting. Don’t believe me? Click here to read the latest rant on my marital status.


16 thoughts on “#WISS

  1. I was told to come back home in South Africa to get a husband as il be turning 26 ..especially living in Qatar too far from home


  2. @hala

    I guess no matter where we are are what ethics we follow, finally the query of “when are you marrying” equates into our life.

    It is indeed a funny query, as i mean, we are the owners of our action and deeds. Having known that i guess we should be able to also decide when to get into the knot.



  3. I think it’s slightly better than being married with no kids! So, it goes, ‘Are you married?’ – ‘Yes’ – ‘How many kids?’ – ‘None yet’ – ‘Why?’ – ???? – Heyho, I solved it, had a daughter, and now I get, ‘Why only one?’


    1. I’ve learned that no matter what I do to appease the masses, they will never be satified!! Focusing on pleasing God, do you and don’t mind the rest!! Ramadan Mubarak to you and yours dear! =D


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