W.I.S.S. – The Sexual Manifesto: Reasons Why You’re Still Single

If you’re from San Francisco and single like myself, you will appreciate this hilarious piece by Christine Borden of the SF Appeal! Enjoy! =)

The Sexual Manifesto: Reasons Why You’re Still Single
By: Christine Borden

Singledom can be a degenerative disease. Instead of alleviating the pain, let’s attack the source of this problem. You may be (sad and) single if…

1. You use the following fragrances: Tag, Axe, Old Spice (arguable). You use them liberally and as if you were hard of smelling. Not even hipsters are this self-ironic.

2. When you see someone you really, really like in public, you flirt with them by staring. Oh god, they’re looking at you! Avert your eyes! Stare at them again. Quick, what does that ad in Spanish say? It’s so fascinating. Er, fascinante.

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San Francisco Tsunami Update from Supervisor Carmen Chu

The following is an email update from San Francisco’s District 4 Supervisor, Carmen Chu regarding the Tsunami warnings issued today.


Hello neighbors,

While our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have suffered the most in the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, I wanted to pass along information about the local situation from the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management:

The City and County of San Francisco continues to monitor the situation related to the Tsunami warning issued this morning. As a precaution, the upper and lower Great Highway, as well as Ocean Beach, Baker Beach, China Beach, and Fort Funston have been closed.

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (DEM) has activated the City’s Emergency Operations Center.  DEM is in regular contact with the California Emergency Management Agency.

The City has not ordered an evacuation.  Residents are advised to monitor local media for information updates.

Please don’t hesitate to call my office at 415-554-7460 should you have any further questions or concerns.

Carmen Chu
Supervisor, District 4
City & County of San Francisco

It’s Low Occupancy for a Reason!

I just came across the post on The Richmond District of San Francisco blog, Presidio’s Saturday celebration to bring much needed marketing for the low occupancy Presidio Landmark.

I got excited then extremely disappointed!

I would like to get a decent sized livable space for my father who is on disability and limited income. After working for over 40 years and paying his due taxes, he currently rents an overpriced tiny studio in the city. I see this post and get excited, I can finally help my father move to at least a one bedroom where he can have some space for his kids to come visit and help care for him.

However, this isn’t luxury, this is insane! At a renting rate starting at $2,125, not only is it not affordable to many, it would most likely take more then a family of four to chip in to pay THE RENT! Might as well purchase your first home… most likely outside the city where there’s no accessible transportation, friends or family nearby.

I love San Francisco and continue to live in it with the knowledge that it can be expensive at times. However, this is just ridiculous… even for an expensive city like San Francisco.


The Richmond District of San Francisco – http://www.richmondsfblog.com

Crisis to Recovery

Disclaimer: Though this isn’t career related, I feel it is important to be posting this here since we’ve discussed sustaining our careers though simple budgeting.

“Crisis to Recovery” was a community resource fair that was held earlier this week on Saturday in San Francisco to support community members with any financial trouble; specifically any mortgage or debt related ones. Amongst the speakers presenting, Congresswoman Jackie Speier (District 12 Representative), City Supervisor Carmen Chu (District 4), Patrick Murcia on the government’s Making Home Affordable and Jeanne Lu on the SF Mortgage Credit Certificate Program.

Financial counseling was then provided by banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America to over 200 attendees to go over their questions and concerns. So many resources and even translation for our Cantonese speaking community members was provided throughout the event. Throughout the day, I was very impressed and simply grateful for our community members.

Below are links to some of the videos from the presenters as well as links to some of the resources. If you are not from San Francisco, check with your local city supervisor or congress representative to see if such an event is being planned in your area. Should you need help, please feel free to contact me.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier
Crisis to Recovery opening remarks

Supervisor Carmen Chu
List of local resources for SF

Patrick Murcia’s presentation of Making Home Affordable
888-995-HOPE (4673)

Jeanne Lu’s presentation of SF Mortgage Credit Certificate Program

SF Consumer Credit Counseling