Who is Ms. Hala?

Ms. Hala

Ms. Hala can be described as “simply, amazing”. Or so that’s how my ego puts it.

Being a loud, hungry Muslim American Egyptian puts me in a position to have something to say about almost everything. Be it current events, politics, a new recipe, a quote that makes me think or a picture of one thing or another, I shall rant about it from my perspective, with all due respect of course.

A native of the great city of San Francisco, California with roots along the Nile River, I was raised in a loving family oriented home and surrounded by beautiful people. I have been blessed throughout my life, Alhamdulillah (Praise God), for the struggles I bared alone and the laughs shared with others. God made me someone whom is easily amused and easily bored.

Career wise, I thought I did it all with over 7 hot years as a freelance small business consultant, while volunteering and finishing two master degrees (bragging rights: an MBA focusing on international business and a masters in HR Management). There were days where I worked from 8am-midnight straight and days where the hours couldn’t move any slower.

Isn’t there more though? I needed a stimulating challenge. I needed an adventure. I needed to go global.

Thus in the summer of 2012, I hugged my family, danced with my friends, kissed my kitties, packed my bags and moved to the beautiful State of Qatar as soon as the opportunity presented itself. I blame this crazy leap of faith on my eye-opening trip to Egypt right after the revolution of January 25, 2011.

Now I’m exploring challenges and ranting on my adventures across the region while continuously supporting near and dear initiatives, meeting amazing people and eating along the way. Seriously though, Eat, Pray, Love ain’t got nothing on me!

When I’m not ranting away about why I’m still single or the happenings of the world, you will find me tweeting, cooking, eatingreading a good book or laughing hysterically!

Yes, my ego was right. I’m simply, amazing.

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