GLEE, over-hyped?

After dismissing all the hype over this show, I thought I had a night free, why not watch a rerun of Glee.

The episode rerun was titled “Preggers” (episode 4). This is the one where Kurt comes out to his father, Terri tells her friend about faking her pregnancy and Quinn telling her boyfriend Finn (why are their names rhyming?!) she’s pregnant. Here’s my take on some of these character’s story lines in this particular episode…

glee1.jpg Glee image by 31gummy31

Kurt: I thought his story line was really good and well played. He went out of his way to connect with Finn to get on the football team to please his dad. I thought the idea of football players dancing and Kurt being the best kicker on the team was fabulous! It takes someone from the outside looking in to help improve something that isn’t right and this plot captured it perfectly. Also, the scene in which he comes out to his father was interesting, especially when his father states that he already knew since Kurt was 3 years old. The end of that scene was classic when his father asks, “You’re sure?”! Good ending to a pretty strong scene.

Sue: I love Jane Lynch and her character here thus far is my favorite! She is so full of herself, what she does and what she’s all about. I’m not sure what’s with the Sue’s Corner or the hype on her local celebrity thing (I’m guessing it would make sense if I’d seen the previous episodes) but I have to say, I like it.

Terri & Will: Really? Is someone that stupid? How can someone even get away with playing it off with that terrible fake preganancy thingy she’s wearing? No one even shows until at least 3-4 months! Lame plot!

Quinn, Finn & Puck: First off, these character names are killing me! Terrible, uncreative and surely no one should be nicknamed PUCK! Second, teenagers are NOT that stupid to believe they got pregnant off of a jizz in a hot tube! Stupid idiots would know if they paid attention in Health Ed that once semen is out, it’s done for. That stupid hot tube temperature stuff is ridiculously stupid. Then connecting them with Terri to want to possibly take her baby… I almost changed the channel!

Tina & Rachel: Tina can sing and Rachel is your typical I’m the best and you’re not deal. I saw this all through high school and could relate. Despite my disappointment in the lack of diversity in the cast, I’m glad at least in this episode (I haven’t seen any other) showcased in the spotlight more then just your typical all American white girl.

All in all, it’s a start and not a perfect show. Still don’t know why this show is over-hyped, especially that there are some really, REALLY lame plots amongst one good one. However, I can totally see John Stamos bringing this show to a whole new level. I can only hope that they write better plots for this guy or Glee is doomed.