Picture of the Day

❤️ Happy Anniversary to our lovely Mama and her wonderful husband, Sayed. Insha'Allah a lifetime of wedded bliss, happiness and love. May God continue to bless your beautiful union for many more years to come. ❤️

Forty Days

One of my favorite pictures of Mama with my aunties and grandparents a few years ago. Today marks 40 days since my grandmother's passing. This is how I'll always remember her, smiling. May she rest in God's eternal peace and light... ameen.

World Hijab Day

Hijab (he-jab; he-gab is also acceptable). I see it as my crown, my superhero cap, my microphone. A few years ago, I ranted about my personal thoughts regarding hijab, stating: "I made this decision on my own at a young age when I learned the basic Islamic guidelines of hijab. So of course, there was a few times…