Ciao Italia!

It's finally here peeps! This is the first of a handful of rants on my amazing trip through Italy last year. I learned so much and want to share as much as I can, from the towns I strolled through to the amazing food I ate along the way. Your thoughts and feedback are highly appreciated! =) It's... Continue Reading →

Contagious Jasmine Revolution – ثورة الياسمين المعدية

Contagious Jasmine Revolution ثورة الياسمين المعدية By: Ms. Hala  It started with one young man. Mohamed ElBouazizi. It started with one town. Sidi Bouzid. It started with one nation. Tunisia. It started with one day. December 17, 2010. Mohamed Bouazizi, 26, was an unemployed college graduate. With limited prospects for employment of any kind, he... Continue Reading →

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