URGENT! Donating to Libyan Revolutionaries

UPDATE: Please follow @HodaEmneina on Twitter as she is organizing several fundraising causes for Libya online!

As you all know, Libya’s uprising has turned extremely violent! Qadaffi’s government has been ruthless as it uses paid criminals and outside mercenaries to attack protesters across the country! No media is allowed in, coverage and pleas for support has been coming in from the people themselves!

It’s through them that we’ve learned that hospitals there (especially in Benghazi) are running out of blood and medical supplies to care for the injured. With the border of Libya and Egypt now being controlled by protesters, medical relief aid is being organized by doctors and hospitals there in an effort to help.

If you can donate to this medical relief aid please email Libyanaid@gmail.com & call +20227940518. If you’ve other sources, please pass them on!!

Thanks to all who are helping and spreading the word, your efforts are greatly appreciated by our Libyan revolutionaries!

9 thoughts on “URGENT! Donating to Libyan Revolutionaries

  1. Hello, do you have any contacts within the organisation, or any friends on the ground in Libya that we could speak to, please?

    Thank you,
    France24 news (Paris)


    1. Hi Rebecca, unfortunately I don’t know anyone on the grounds in Libya. Your best bet is to speak with one of these guys from this Facebook page or Twitter handle as they have most of the contacts from those on the grounds. They are doing an amazing job keeping the world informed on what’s happening.

      If there’s anything I can help you with, please feel free to email me directly. Thank you!


  2. I want the freedom fighters of Libya to know that many Americans do CARE about what is going on. All of us are not interested in the oil. Personally, I am contacting legislators and the White House asking them to act quickly and impose a no fly zone in Libya. I am in awe of their courage and while not a very religious person I do pray for them. My heart goes out to all of those suffering and fighting for what is right.


  3. Hi, I am in Vietnam, I want to do some donation for Libyan Revolutionaries with cash, how can I do ?


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