SF Sundays – Summer Time!

It’s been a while since it’s been safe to head out and about around the Bay again. Plus, I moved across the Bay Bridge, which has me going between my hometown of San Francisco and my new home in Contra Costa County. With that, expect a lot of East Bay shenanigans. Who’s ready?


The Guo Pei Couture Fantasy exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco is the exhibit not to be missed this summer! Guo Pei is China’s most renowned couturier. Her creations for the last 20 years have been donned by the everyday successful businesswoman, brides looking for a one of a kind wedding gown, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and celebrities such as Rihanna in the iconic yellow gown at the 2015 Met Gala.

Every piece has a unique story, took thousands of hours to create, and will simply put you in awe of her genius. She takes materials such as silk threads, copper ornaments, resin sequins, and Swarovski crystals, just to humbly name a few, to come up with these masterpieces!

Her main collections are beautifully set up throughout the museum but start downstairs through the many rooms showcasing her collections and work your way upstairs to see her iconic pieces among the museum’s permanent exhibits. Visiting this exhibit once just doesn’t do it justice!

So if you’re a Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF) member or a Bay Area resident, your exhibit admission can be free. You just have to book your timed tickets online like everyone else. Trust me though, this exhibit is worth every penny to check out before it’s gone in September.

Here are a few other happenings in the Bay for you to check out this summer:


Can’t remember the last time I was at the Hard Knox Cafe on Clement Street in San Francisco but I walked in with friends and a massive craving for waffles.

Let me tell you, this place does not disappoint. The staff was gracious, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was warm. The waffle was spot on, fluffy, crispy, and tasted homemade. We of course ordered the spicy fried chicken and lots of fries to go with it. My taste buds thanked me, everything was so divine!

Across the bridge at my office in Dublin, I was super stoked to find Ike’s Sandwiches just a few minutes away. I’ve gone back to see where else I can escape from the office too and came across Sri-Thai Restaurant. Not seeing it on the menu, I asked about one of my favorite dish, pumpkin curry. Yes, they serve it all year long! I no longer have to wait until fall to indulge my cravings for it. Their pumpkin curry may not be the best I’ve had but it still hit the spot. I’ve also tried their take on the classic yellow curry which was pretty good. Their service is friendly and they have both indoor and outdoor seating. Yay!

What are your summer plans? Do share below!

Disclaimer: This rant was not sponsored or paid for by any of the above-mentioned entities unless otherwise noted. Any and all sponsored rants are always based on actual experiences and/or interests. If you’d like me to check out a local event or eatery to rant about, please email ha@mshala.co.

Quote of the Day

“I chose journalism to be close to people. It may not be easy to change the reality, but at least I was able to make their voice heard in the world.” -Shireen Abu Akleh, Palestinian American journalist

May she rest in God’s eternal peace, not found on earth, amen 🤲🏻🙏🏻

Picture of the Day

New home, new view, new beginnings.

Good-Bye Dirty Thirty, Hello Fabulous Forty!

Or is it filthy forty? Ah who cares, I’m both! hehehe

I just survived my first two weeks being 40! Those two weeks were all over the place, including my first flight in two years for work, cross country. OMG, that was something else.

Then again, all of last year doesn’t count, right? So I’ve decided instead to be 35 for the fifth time! YAY!

So for this throwback Tuesday, I’d like to throw it back to the great times from the last decade with some wise words and learns. I’m supposed to be older and wiser, so I need to practice.

Here goes nothing…

#MsHalaTravels #Qatar

Trust in God, for God truly works in mysterious ways.

God is also the biggest practical joker, especially after we thought we had 2020 plans in order. You’d think I had learned my lesson when I attempted to draft out big plans for my 30s. Yet when the opportunity arose, I just tossed everything aside and made a complete 180. No, it was never part of my plans to somehow end up living the confused expatriate life for five plus years in Qatar.

And no, it was not the easiest transition or process but I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

That experience made me realize that living in my comfort zone was never actually that comfortable. Being away from family, being in a different place, meeting all kinds of people was part of my growth as a person. It didn’t hurt that it also helped grow my career, my taste buds, and my appreciation for my own family’s immigrant stories.

True love actually exists.

It’s not like those of tall tales or blockbuster movies. It’s a feeling that you have to work towards to maintain, grow, and nourish. After becoming an auntie in my 30s, I came to the conclusion that I have loved a few times but true, authentic love is the one that just feels right yet surreal. The person and people that share that same feeling are those that act upon it, work for it, show it, and truly live it.

You can not change a person nor expect someone to change you.

You can inspire and be inspired by someone. You can be supportive and accept support. However, you can not force upon a person to change nor they you. You are family, friends, or lovers with that person as they are. They love you just as you are. We can’t demand to be loved and accepted for our authentic selves if we can’t reciprocate the same. Plain and simple.

#MsHalaDrinks #iHeartCoffee

You must own your happiness.

Can we please stop giving people the responsibility of our happiness? You must own your own. Period!

Someone or something can bring you joy but they can not make you happy. Once you know that difference, your perception widens. If you can’t be in the state of happiness in which you desire, no one person, place, or thing can.

Except for coffee, the sweet elixir of life! #SorryNotSorry

#MsHalaEats #ImAlwaysHungry

Money doesn’t buy happiness because happiness isn’t for sale.

Sure, money may make life easy but it doesn’t make one happy. As I grew in my career, so did my salary. I moved from a bigger apartment I didn’t need. The extra space was only a burden, it didn’t make me happy.

As I started to make more money I quickly learned that although I can afford it, it must do the following three: be functional, necessary, and bring me joy. Happiness is one’s state of mind, not material things.

Therefore, I eat, travel, and bought my first house with my family.

#SeeMySF #SanFrancisco

Experiences last a lifetime!

With every experience, I find my joy. Be it traveling internationally or to a nearby town. Be it a museum or local comedy club. Be it jumping off a plane or sand dunning with eight passengers in my truck. Whether I’m with all my family and friends or have an evening to myself.

I do not take any experience, big or small, for granted. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that life is too short, to care for one’s self and, to be grateful, always.

God has blessed me in more ways than one.

I’m a firm believer that God has us intertwined with one another by passing our blessings through us. By that I mean that someone’s blessing is coming through me. I’ve received many a blessings through others. So who am I to betray that trust? Always give as much as you receive! Volunteer, donate, and teach another one of your life’s lessons.

I’m so grateful for my 30’s, it was truly fantastic! I can’t wait for what’s to come , God willing. Here I come forties, here I come!

SF Sundays – Summer Has Just Begun

It’s September already? Where has the summer gone? Wait, it’s the San Francisco Bay Area, summer has just begun!

This is also the perfect time to remind one and all to get vaccinated, wear your masks, and keep your distance. This Delta variant is scary and we need to do our part to curb this pandemic once and for all. So let’s get our act together and keep our summer going, safely.


Are you a history buff? Do you love all things Egypt? Did you know that the largest collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts and replicas in Western North America is right here in the Bay Area?

The Rosicrucian Park and Museum is literally hidden in plain sight in San Jose. The Egyptian Museum, run by Egyptologists and volunteers, is very well curated. It is not as small as I initially thought because I was in there for a good couple of hours. The entire park takes up a city square block! Surrounding the museum is a temple, peace garden, a planetarium, and a labyrinth. The temple and planetarium are still closed but I can only imagine the magic that awaits my next visit.

Many of course asked me questions (because apparently all Egyptians are also Egyptologists) like where did these artifacts come from. I had two words, “colonialism” and “thift”. Many of these at the Rosicrucian Museum were donated by many museums in Europe, none I saw were from Egypt directly. There were also replicas of known artifacts and places in Egypt, like the tunnel into a pyramid within the museum.

Here are a few things still open for us to enjoy this summer:


With restaurants reopening, I’m still hesitant to go for indoor dining. So the more outdoor or take out options, the better! Since I’ve been talking about San Jose, it only makes sense to remind you all of some of the best pho spots in the South Bay.

In the heart of the Little Saigon neighborhood, off the Grand Century Mall on Story Road, is a small restaurant with a lot to offer. With plenty of outdoor seating, a wide selection of pho for all taste buds, and a fantastic staff! Seriously, I can’t recommend Pho 90 Degrees enough.

I had come here many times with friends but never more than 2-3 people. So imagine a group of eight who may or may not have tried pho before coming in with many questions and dietary needs. The team was extremely kind, courteous, and surprisingly fast with our order. The food of course, is on a whole other level. I salivated over my bowl of mouth watering chicken pho, washing it down with some great iced coffee.

Again, as we head back out on our foodie adventures, I urge you to be courteous to the restaurant management and staff. I’ve seen a few struggling with reopening regulations, limited staff, readjusted hours of operations, and even limiting the capacity for safety and service reasons. We are all in this together so let’s remain calm, kind, courteous, and hungry.

What are you trying again with the reopenings happening across the Bay Area? Do share your thoughts below.

Disclaimer: This rant was not sponsored or paid for by any of the above-mentioned entities unless otherwise noted. Any and all sponsored rants are always based on actual experiences and/or interests. If you’d like me to check out a local event or eatery to rant about, please email ha@mshala.co.