No Thanksgiving Wishes?!

Just in case you need a reminder or are just confused as to why I personally don’t celebrate or wish anyone a “Happy Thanksgiving”, read the post I wrote last year.

For the record, this is just my honest feelings towards the holiday, the forgetfulness of the struggle. I’m not hating the fact that I’m American or that I live in the land of the free. However, I’m a firm believer that in order to fight corruption, we must fight it from within, remember our errors before we tell others to perfect themselves.

Enjoy my two cents…


picture ‘stolen’ frommckamy on Flickr

I find it very sad that we Americans are so oblivient to our history even through we celebrate these holidays with the so called knowledge of our history. Does anyone know how Thanksgiving hoiday even became?

Pilgrims and the indigenous people came together in peace and ate together. Thats something they teach us in 3rd grade while we cut out shapes to make a turkey out of construction paper, right? Thanksgiving didn’t come about that greatly. Don’t you see how its just too good of a story to be true!? So what is the TRUE history of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving was actually the celebration of the massacre of the many indigenous tribes by the pilgrims. The natives were having feasts when the pilgrims attacked them and ate over their bodies. Many parts of this country has been built on the blood of the natives. Yet here we are every last Thursday of November celebrating it blindly.

So don’t get mad if I don’t say “Happy Thanksgiving” to you… and please don’t wish me the same. Instead, I ask you as you gather around with your loved ones to pray for all those lost in the struggle of the freedom that we Americans today enjoy. To pray for those still struggling for the freedoms we take for granted. To pray for the lives lost fighting for the freedoms we enjoy and those they may have not.

I will wish you a happy gathering.