Support for NUMMI

As you all may have heard, the NUMMI auto manufacturing company in Fremont, CA is shutting down, earlier then they had announced. Many workers ended their decades long tenure today and the rest will do so next week.

Many of the NUMMI employees worked there all their adult lives and may have never felt the need to create a goal plan, update their resume or had an interview! The time has come to develop our careers, not just find a job, that’ll sustain us and our families. NUMMI employees should not be felt like they are alone during this difficult time.

If you or anyone you know worked at NUMMI, I’d like to offer my services and support. Please pass on my contact information so that we can set up some time of way to support our fellow community members.

To learn more about what’s been happening at NUMMI’s, click here for the news video from ABC 7 News.