Year Four, Let’s Go! | Living the Confused Expatriate Life

Year Four, Let’s Go!
Living the Confused Expatriate Life

By: Ms. Hala

Feels like only yesterday I walked out of the airplane to get hit in the face hard by Qatar’s humidity. And yet, some how, by the grace of God, I’m putting up with it for the fourth summer!


Yep, whatever plans I had is no longer the case. Everyday I’m watching Qatar grow and develop into a spectacular place. There’s something charming about Qatar that keeps me drawn to it, I’m not sure what it is but here I am.

I just changed dream jobs, left cars for food as I’ve previously ranted. My new job is to help build the foodie community here in Qatar. Being that I’m always hungry, it was as if this job was designed for me! It isn’t easy at all to say the least but it is a challenge I’m taking head on. I’m already learning so much about social media, bloggers, and the food and beverage industry, it’s exciting. Imagine being excited to wake up and head to work in the morning… I’m there peeps, I’m there!

My advice to anyone of my peeps thinking of expatriating out of the US (or repatriating for that matter), do it for something you know you will enjoy. A passion to travel and work with a company you know (or at least researched well) will do right by you in the long run. Anything that sounds too good to be true, is too good to be true! Don’t move for the high (and sometimes tax free) salary for the same run of the mill job you already hate. I promise you, you’ll be miserable if you are not passionate about the job, the company, or even the country you are deciding to move too.

Have questions about moving to Qatar or the Middle East, feel free to ask me and follow me on Periscope (@mshalaco) as I attempt to broadcast some of my expat adventures. Some broadcasts will be reposted right here on so keep on the look out!

Until next time peeps, big hugs from Qatar! 😉

Note: If you noticed, I’ve updated this series so we are no longer “counting parts”. This will be an ongoing series for as long as I’m a confused expatriate. =)