Good-Bye Dirty Thirty, Hello Fabulous Forty!

Or is it filthy forty? Ah who cares, I’m both! hehehe

I just survived my first two weeks being 40! Those two weeks were all over the place, including my first flight in two years for work, cross country. OMG, that was something else.

Then again, all of last year doesn’t count, right? So I’ve decided instead to be 35 for the fifth time! YAY!

So for this throwback Tuesday, I’d like to throw it back to the great times from the last decade with some wise words and learns. I’m supposed to be older and wiser, so I need to practice.

Here goes nothing…

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Trust in God, for God truly works in mysterious ways.

God is also the biggest practical joker, especially after we thought we had 2020 plans in order. You’d think I had learned my lesson when I attempted to draft out big plans for my 30s. Yet when the opportunity arose, I just tossed everything aside and made a complete 180. No, it was never part of my plans to somehow end up living the confused expatriate life for five plus years in Qatar.

And no, it was not the easiest transition or process but I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

That experience made me realize that living in my comfort zone was never actually that comfortable. Being away from family, being in a different place, meeting all kinds of people was part of my growth as a person. It didn’t hurt that it also helped grow my career, my taste buds, and my appreciation for my own family’s immigrant stories.

True love actually exists.

It’s not like those of tall tales or blockbuster movies. It’s a feeling that you have to work towards to maintain, grow, and nourish. After becoming an auntie in my 30s, I came to the conclusion that I have loved a few times but true, authentic love is the one that just feels right yet surreal. The person and people that share that same feeling are those that act upon it, work for it, show it, and truly live it.

You can not change a person nor expect someone to change you.

You can inspire and be inspired by someone. You can be supportive and accept support. However, you can not force upon a person to change nor they you. You are family, friends, or lovers with that person as they are. They love you just as you are. We can’t demand to be loved and accepted for our authentic selves if we can’t reciprocate the same. Plain and simple.

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You must own your happiness.

Can we please stop giving people the responsibility of our happiness? You must own your own. Period!

Someone or something can bring you joy but they can not make you happy. Once you know that difference, your perception widens. If you can’t be in the state of happiness in which you desire, no one person, place, or thing can.

Except for coffee, the sweet elixir of life! #SorryNotSorry

#MsHalaEats #ImAlwaysHungry

Money doesn’t buy happiness because happiness isn’t for sale.

Sure, money may make life easy but it doesn’t make one happy. As I grew in my career, so did my salary. I moved from a bigger apartment I didn’t need. The extra space was only a burden, it didn’t make me happy.

As I started to make more money I quickly learned that although I can afford it, it must do the following three: be functional, necessary, and bring me joy. Happiness is one’s state of mind, not material things.

Therefore, I eat, travel, and bought my first house with my family.

#SeeMySF #SanFrancisco

Experiences last a lifetime!

With every experience, I find my joy. Be it traveling internationally or to a nearby town. Be it a museum or local comedy club. Be it jumping off a plane or sand dunning with eight passengers in my truck. Whether I’m with all my family and friends or have an evening to myself.

I do not take any experience, big or small, for granted. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that life is too short, to care for one’s self and, to be grateful, always.

God has blessed me in more ways than one.

I’m a firm believer that God has us intertwined with one another by passing our blessings through us. By that I mean that someone’s blessing is coming through me. I’ve received many a blessings through others. So who am I to betray that trust? Always give as much as you receive! Volunteer, donate, and teach another one of your life’s lessons.

I’m so grateful for my 30’s, it was truly fantastic! I can’t wait for what’s to come , God willing. Here I come forties, here I come!