Not Just Anyone, An Ode to Mommies

Not Just Anyone
An Ode to Mommies
By: Ms. Hala

She’s one of those people that really molds you into who you are. Or maybe it’s because somehow you’re existence has molded her ever so slightly. Some say it’s the best feeling in the world after all the pain… I say, I’m not half as strong as she is to ever be there.

She’s beautiful, oh so beautiful. She’s so gorgeous, it’s criminal! Like seriously, it’s gotten us into so much trouble!

It really is like when Frank Sinatra says, when she smiles, the whole world smiles. And God forbid when she weeps, it’s just a sad, sad place. You want to do anything to make it all better just because you can’t bear her sadness.

She ignores me when she’s focused on playing games on her iPhone. All my friends are her friends on Facebook because “she’s just so cool.” Thank God she’s not on Twitter, she’d laugh at my number of followers.

We can’t hang out together because everyone says we’re sisters rather then mother and daughter. Then again she’ll response by saying, “she’s her own mother thus she’s my mother too.” That makes me feel so much better about myself.

She shushes me despite the fact that she knows I’ll always be too loud for my own good. She makes good fun of my height, or lack there of… I’m just not going to be as tall as her, I’ve come to terms with that. She laughs and gets all my silly jokes and antics.

She’s encouraged my higher education, crying at ever ceremony, except for the last one. Instead, with a straight face, she’s stated, “this is it, enough degrees.” Yet I’ve caught her bragging to friends about all the degrees and experiences she’s gotten… through her children of course. What they have is hers.

She can do that, because she is not just anyone. She is the mother. She is the best friend. She is the confidant. She is simply immaculate.

She raised her kids with all she’s got. She supported their every wish and dream. She loved them unconditionally. We are seriously blessed to have her.

She’s your mommy. She’s my mama. She’s our mother. And we love her!

Author: Ms. Hala

Single but lover of faith, food, lipstick, shoes, news and SUVs. San Franciscan currently in Doha planning her next vacation. Simply Amazing!

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