Picture of the Day

Received the most hilarious of gifts from my girl Nancy the other night! hehehe

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  1. Everyone has heard of pretty much every stereotype out there. You have to come to terms that no matter you are also going to be a stereotype if your have tattoos and piercings people assume you done believe in god, if you’re blonde people assume you’re stupid, if you’re black people assume you like chicken, Asians cant drive, women should be in the kitchen, And Many other things. well im from North Carolina. So Im From The South Obviously. NO Im Not Racist, NO I Dont Date My Cousins, NO Im Not A Hillbilly. And NO Im Not Stupid. There are a few stereotype that i have to live with as someone from the south. yeah these arent that bad BUT it shows me how little people know about other cultures but they still bash them like they are an expert on everything. ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is what is wrong with humanity. Ignorance makes you ASSUME and Assuming will make you make an ass out of yourself. I Also have my ears stretched, listen to indie and more hardcore music, and dyed my hair black. people ASSUME i dont belive in god, that i cut myself, and that IM going to hell because I am going to have tattoos. People ask me “well what are you going to do when youre old and have those tattoos” and my reply is “im going to be old. just like you” people fail too realize that not everyone thinks the same. When i get old and have tattoos all over my body i see that as my journey through life. like a book. a picture book (: it just tells my story. the only differance about me and you when i die is that there are going to be stories to tell on my body. i will see myself as a beautiful work of art when i die. people are going to look at me and say wow she LIVED. People who bash a person just how they look whether it be race, characteristics, OR Tattoos. you shouldnt judge them by how they look. You will find that that person is lovely on the inside just as they are on the outside.


    1. With all due respect to your rant… WTH does this have to do with a doll I received looking like many of us here in the Middle East? You know, where I currently reside?

      Please read the entire blog before ASSUMING I’m stereotyping MYSELF!


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