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photo“But there are many millions of people who did not vote for Donald Trump because of the bigotry and hate that fueled his campaign rallies. They voted for him despite the hate. They voted for him out of frustration and anger — and also out of hope that he would bring change.” – Senator Elizabeth Warren

Thoughts: I may not agree with the individuals that voted for Trump out of frustration despite his hate rhetoric but I do understand. With this, I want to start a dialogue with those individuals that don’t like Trump but still voted for him. That don’t believe his rhetoric for a second but still voted for him. That are just sick and tired of the system as of late when they voted for him. 

Read Senator Elizabeth Warren’s entire Medium post here.

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    1. Which is why I appreciated Senator Warren’s quote. There’s a bigger issue at play that people forwent his rhetoric for this “promises”. Only time will tell indeed…


  1. It’s been proved time and time again throughout history that when people feel they have no voice they turn to extreme politicians. We also know from history how that tends to turn out……..


  2. A day before the US elections, India demonetised it’s 500& 1000 currency thus putting a greater part of its large population in turmoil and insecurity. It was a decision headed by the current head of India who has a simliar shady past especially some one under whom communal violence happened. One thing I was thinking then if this could happen in India, if he could be elected with so many votes, if Brexit could happen in Britian, then I really did fear Trump too getting elected.
    I have been upset ever since I heard it. I know of people who changed their study plans of coming to US.
    I just hope things aren’t as bad as we think now!

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  3. The first thing that came to my mind on hearing of it was “When the power or authority comes to the hands of unfit persons then wait for the final hour”
    Not that this is the first time this sign is manifest but it wasn’t so blatantly clear to the whole world like now. Allah’s will… and in Him we put our trust.

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