Ladies’ Night @ Trader Vic’s – A Snapchat Story

In case you missed it, here’s my Snapchat story from last week’s Ladies’ Night at Trader Vics!

In case you didn’t know, every Wednesday night is Ladies’ Night  at Trader Vics, Hilton Doha! Unlimited drinks and bites for two hours for 100QR! Even us hijabis and/or non drinkers can join in on the fun!🍹

You can read my review on Zomato and watch the full Snapchat story below!


Author: Ms. Hala

Single but lover of faith, food, lipstick, shoes, news and SUVs. San Franciscan currently in Doha planning her next vacation. Simply Amazing!

6 thoughts on “Ladies’ Night @ Trader Vic’s – A Snapchat Story”

    1. It’s maybe medium and you can cook it a bit to your liking! Because the pieces are small, 10-15 seconds and it’s perfect! We abayans and hijabis are allowed, just can’t hang out at the bar. You can request the table furthest from the bar but I would recommend avoiding it on weekends as I do. Yes, you must go try the Mussel Mondays, it’s AMAZING!!

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  1. Drooling over the wasabi prawns and that peach drink in a pineapple, is it? My beef cho chow would be char grilled to death though haha!


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